Fisheries - Fishery management at Heathland Aquatic Engineering, Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex and UK

Heathland Group Fishery Services

At Heathland Group Limited we have great enthusiasm for helping UK fisheries thrive and expand. Many years of experience in creating and maintaining both commercial and private fisheries means that we can offer a premier consultancy service or your fishery.

What is a Fishery?

By definition a fishery is a site where fish are reared for commercial purposes or a fishing ground for recreational purposes. Having a sustainable approach to aquaculture and fisheries will help to protect our natural resources and ensure that fish stocks are available for future generations.

Our fishery related services include:

  • Fishery Management
  • Fishery Electrofishing Services
  • Fishery Netting Services
  • Fishery Aeration
  • Fishery Silt Surveys
  • Fishery Aquatic Chalk
  • Aquaculture Consultancy Services

Who would benefit from fishery services?

We are keen to help anyone within the fishery industry with any problems. We offer a fishery consultation services as well,¬† in case a bit of help and advice is required. Whether you’re a private owner or a club we can help you with almost any fishery service you may require, we understand that your investment in fish stocks is important to you, as is keeping¬† healthy high quality stock.

All our services are available to commercial fisheries, angling clubs, angling syndicates, hotels, golf clubs and private or domestic owners.

Heathland Group offer a wide variety of resources to help promote healthy wildlife environments all over the UK. We have a professional team of consultants and specialists who are on hand and able to assist with all fishery enquiries and/or projects.

We supply all the necessary equipment and our services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, London, Kent and the whole of the United Kingdom. For more information and advice about aquaculture, fish farming, fisheries management, fish stock and fishery consultancy services, please email or call 0800 3891990